Sunday, July 29, 2012

William Levy Peddles M&Ms!

Fantastic new English-language commercial for M&Ms, starring William Levy and Ms. Brown!

Monday, July 23, 2012

William Levy: 'I Would Love To Play William Grey'

As casting buzz ramps up for the big-screen adaptation of steamy bestseller 50 Shades of Grey, William Levy continues to come into view. He tells Celebuzz: "If the opportunity comes for me to play this role, it would be amazing. It’s a great book…[and] every day I hear about it. I see the fans saying it all over. I would love to do it.”

See the video interview here. And check out the awesome WILLIAM LEVY IS WILLIAM GREY Facebook page here.

Will adds, "Girls would come up to me and say, ‘You should play this!' When I started reading it, I started looking at these girls in a different way. I was like, you want me to play this role? Oh man! Now I know how you are... Guys should always be like this!"

For now, Levy is slated to star in Tyler Perry‘s new movie, set to begin filming in September: “I feel very honored to be part of it and have one of the lead roles next to him. It’s a romantic comedy. I wish I could tell you more about the story more but I cannot.” Let's just hope he's not appearing in drag, eh. *

Saturday, July 21, 2012

William Levy To Star In Tyler Perry Flick?

According to a new Q&A with William Levy, he may be appearing in the next Tyler Perry movie project... as god-awful as that sounds. He told Ministry of Gossip, "Right now, I feel very blessed, let me tell you, because I had a meeting with Tyler Perry a couple weeks ago and now I have the opportunity to lead in one of his next projects, which starts filming in September. It’s a romantic comedy and, you know, I love love."

Will was also asked if he has a girlfriend. Fortunately for the world at large, he responded, "A girlfriend? I have lots of girlfriends, all over the country. You think I’m kidding? I’m dead serious. Girlfriends everywhere." *

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

William Levy Hawks Pepsi: I'll Drink To That!

William Levy is inviting America to "have a fling with flavor" with the launch of two new Pepsi tastes. Available only this summer, Pepsi Cherry Vanilla and Paradise Mango flavors were revealed by Will at The Americana at Brand in Glendale, Calif. Sounds utterly revolting, doesn't it?

Levy says (but, of course, didn't really say) via a press release: "Summer is the perfect time to dial up the flavor in your life, from adventures to what you eat and drink, which is why I'm excited to help Pepsi launch two new flavored colas inspired by my favorite season. I've been a Pepsi drinker all my life." Yeah, yeah, just smile for the camera, my beautiful man. *

Saturday, July 14, 2012

At Last: William Levy Lines Up A Hollywood Film Project: 'Boom Town'

At last... William Levy has been cast in a Hollywood film. Scheduled for release in the summer of 2013, he will star in Boom Town, alongside Chris Molina,Chris Cooper and Danny Trejo. The "western drama" will have Will in the role of businessman Diego Coronado, who has an 8 year old daughter, Chloe (yawn!!).

Levy says of the flick, "I love Boom Town because it is a love story between a man and a woman, and about the unbreak- able obligation between a parent and child. This is about a man whose daily struggle to become a hero is something we all dream of when we are kids." (Uh, I'm not sure that quite made it out of Spanish into English... kind of makes little sense, eh?)

The film is set in Tijuana in 1905, when it was considered a fashionable place of the Old West, where there was plenty of drinking, gambling and women. Coronado's (Levy) tranquility is disturbed when his daughter is kidnapped and the bar is robbed, which calls on a band of gunmen to rescue Chloe.

Director Oscar Torres says that Boom Town "is a great story that will appeal to men and women alike. The men love the action and women love the charm and talent that someone like William Levy brings to the big screen." Hey, Oscar. Don't doubt for a minute that there are plenty of men also loving William's charm and talent! *

NBC Latin Names William Levy No. 2 Sexiest Bachelor

Seems NBC Latin is off... by one. In their take on the 10 Sexiest Single Latinos, William Levy is named No. 2. Leading their list: Adam Rodriguez... He's certainly a sexy one, so I won't have too much of a meltdown. But Pitbull... in the same company as Will? Madness! Here's the NBC list...

1. Adam Rodriguez, 37, debuted his acting and directing skills in the long-running drama “CSI: Miami.” The Puerto-Rican native recently fulfilled is dream role as male stripper, Tito, alongside Channing Tatum and Joe Manganiello in “Magic Mike.” Rodriguez said a girl should “be herself, relaxed and unafraid to laugh and be silly,” in order to catch is eye.
2. William Levy, 31, is better known in the Hispanic community as Maximiliano Sandoval in the hit novela “Triunfo del Amor.” But American ladies know him as the hunky, spicy Latino contestant from season 14 of Dancing With the Stars. Landing the third-place title of the competition won’t stop this hottie from attracting our attention!
3. Demian Bichir, 48, is seeking is second chance at love after splitting from Mexican singer Lisset Gutierrez. The Mexican actor was recently spotted in the hit thriller “Savages,” alongside Salma Hayek and Benicio Del Toro. Bichir is currently working on two upcoming films, “Words with Gods,” and “Machete Kills,” rumored to star Sofia Vergara, Jessica Alba and Zoe Saldana. According to the New York Times Style Magazine, Bichir is dating but is “really bad at long-term commitments.”
4. Diego Boneta, 21, rocked the big screen as the leading role in “Rock of Ages.” While transitioning from TV to featured films, the Mexican novela actor is hoping to continue his music career as well, under Maroon 5 front man Adam Levine’s record label. As for the ladies, Boneta said “there are no boundaries to what I would do for love.” Swoon!
5. Wilmer Valderrama, 32, better known as the foreign exchange student Fez on the hit sitcom “That 70′s Show,” is continuing his work on the small and big screen, appearing in the TV drama “Awake,” and the upcoming film “The Girl is in Trouble.” Recently, the Venezuelan actor announced his partnership with Wonka candy NERDS to promote the “Stomp Our Bullying” campaign. What could be better than a philanthropic superstar? Valderrama  was spotted with earlier this year with actress Minka Kelly, but there’s no ring on her finger!
6. Steven Lopez, 33, is not afraid to fight for love. The two-time Olympic taekwondo gold medalist turned down the opportunity to participate in ABC’s “The Bachelor” in 2004. Now, eight years later, the Nicaraguan athlete is still single and searching for the one, appearing on Fox’s dating show, “The Choice.” We wish him the best of luck, both in London and in his quest for love!
7. Rodrigo Santoro, 36, is one gostoso Brazilian! Starring alongside Jennifer Lopez in 2012′s “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” marked Santoro’s transition from Brazilian to American films. He is currently filming the heavily anticipated prequel/sequel to 2007′s “300,” as the leading male character, Xerxes, in “300: Battle of Artemisia.” We are definitely hoping for some fighting action and rocky abs, of course!
8. Pitbull, 31, is on fire this year! The Cuban-American, Miami native launched his “Planet Pit World Tour” this year, as well as debuting his hit song “Back in Time” for the “Men In Black” movie franchise, gaining uber popularity in the U.S. Pitbull recently teamed up with Miami officials this Fourth of July holiday to bring awareness to the dangers of celebratory gun-fire usage.  ”Mr. 3-0-5″ is indeed a cautious, yet seductive ”Mr. World Wide!”
9. Michael Trevino, 27, bares his soul and body (wink!) in the hit TV series “The Vampire Diaries.” The Mexican-American actor has worked on some full-length featured films, but is sticking to his hot werewolf character Tyler Lockwood on the CW show, and we’re not complaining!
10. Ryan Guzman, 24, is the newest hunk to grace the big screen. Debuting his acting and dancing career, Guzman plays the leading male role as the leader of a dance crew on the streets of Miami in the next leg of the “Step Up” movie series this summer. “I’ve always believed that you have to do things that you are passionate about,” said Guzman, and we can’t wait to see your passion on the dance floor! *

Thursday, July 12, 2012

William Levy: Just The Way You Are

Awesome William Levy collages with wildly clever animation... I've just watched this three times in a row. Just wondrous! *

Channing Tatum... Could It Be True? 'Magic Mike 2'?!

According to an interview with Glamour U.K., Channing Tatum says that after the wicked success of Magic Mike, a sequel is in the works. Jezebel reports that a month ago, Tatum was saying, "This will be my swan song, I will never do or talk anything about stripping after this ever, ever again."

But that was, of course, before Magic Mike cleared $77 million at the box office in less than two weeks (it cost $7 million to make). Now, he says that director Steven Soderbergh is on board for a sequel: "Yes, yes and yes! We're working on the concept now. We want to flip the script and make it bigger."

Um, bigger? Why, what do you mean, Channing? Let's hope that Joe Manganiello is on board, along with Matthew McConaughey (who's pretty integral to the plot). And maybe... just maybe, William Levy can make up for his previous sin of turning down a role in the smash flick. Bigger and better, indeed. Ooh la la! *

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

William Levy Nominated For Alma Award: 'Fave Reality Personality'

Congratulations to William Levy on his nomination for a 2012 Alma Award for “Favorite TV Reality, Variety or Comedy Personality or Act.” The Alma Awards honor Latinos for leading roles in TV, movies and music.

The show was created in 1995 by the National Council of La Raza (NCLR), the largest national Latino civil rights and advocacy organization in the nation to promote the advancement of Latinos.

Of course, I can think of nothing better than William Levy's smile to promote good will about the Latin community. His competitors in the Alma category are Christina Aguilera for “The Voice” (yeah, she's soooo Latin), Gabriel Iglesias for “Gabriel Iglesias Presents Stand-Up Revolution,” George Lopez for “Take Me Out” and Jennifer Lopez for “American Idol.”

Winners are chosen via online fan votes through September 7, with a broadcast on NBC September 21. VOTE HERE!