Wednesday, May 23, 2012

'DWTS': Results Foster A Jaw-Dropping 'WTF'?

William Levy comes in THIRD on Dancing With The Stars?????
Katherine Jenkins is the runner-up.
And, uh, Donald Driver wins. What the fuck?

Stand by for commentary...

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Will Wows On Monday's 'DWTS'... And Now... Who Will Win?

William Levy's first dance Monday, the Cha Cha Cha, garnered a perfect 30/30 score from the DWTS judges. On the follow-up Freestyle, he and partner Cheryl Burke scored 29/30. Welsh opera singer Katherine Jenkins scored a pair of 30s; while Super Bowl "star"/Green Bay Packers player Donald Driver tied Will with 59. Man, oh, man, this is going to be close! Tonight's the night. Will William Levy win? Or will Katherine Jenkins burst into uncontrollable tears, as she realizes this is the high point of her entire career. Countdown... four hours!

In an interview with The Miami Herald today, Levy was deemed "a man in demand." He said that the biggest challenge for him has been "learning all the rules that come with ballroom dancing. When I dance, I don’t like rules." Regarding judge Bruno's racy homo-friendly comments, he adds, "He speaks his mind, and I respect that." And after the show ends, he reveals: "I have projects in the works, but we aren’t able to talk about them at this time. But we will soon." *

Monday, May 21, 2012

William Levy... Rainy Days & Mondays

William Levy Nominated For Teen Choice Awards

Uh, this is a little odd, but so be it. Dancing With the Stars got three nods for the 2012 Teen Choice Awards,, including one for William Levy! The show itself was ignored in the Choice TV: Reality Competition Show category, but judge Carrie Ann Inaba was nominated for the Choice TV: Female Personality category (alongside Christina Aguilera of The Voice, Tyra Banks of America’s Next Top Model, Jennifer Lopez of American Idol and Jessica Simpson of Fashion Star.

Will is featured in the Choice TV: Male Reality Star category (with Paul “DJ Pauly D” DelVecchio and Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino of Jersey Shore, Rob Dyrdek of Fantasy Factory and Ridiculousness and Scotty McCreery of American Idol.

Good thing he's not competing against Justin Bieber. I believe I'll wait to see the pics after the telecast on July 22 on Fox... that is, if Levy even bothers to show up to this nonsense. *

'Dancing With The Stars': THE FINALE IS TONIGHT!

TONIGHT: Monday, May 21 at 8 p.m., Dancing With the Stars' long and winding 14th season comes to a climax. Dear William Levy, whose talent and charisma have propelled him into a national U.S. celebrity during his run, is among the three finalists, with pro dancing partner Cheryl Burke. They will go against stiffie athlete Donald Driver and Barbie Doll cry-baby Welsh vocalist Katherine Jenkins for the tiara, uh, I mean mirror ball trophy. 

This is it, cool cats! The three couples will be dancing a freestyle routine during the one-hour competition Monday (Will & Cheryl are practicing a Cha-Cha-Cha), and apparently one couple will be booted, with the remaining two finalists then competing with a pair of additional dances.

Tuesday night, when the winner is at laaaaaast revealed, Kelly Clarkson and Gladys Knight will be performing during the telecast, while all of the season's eliminated couples will return to perform some of their "most memorable routines," while flashing bitter faux grins that they were eliminated earlier in the season.

Don't forget to vote for Will!  You can register at for online voting, which starts Monday at 8 p.m., and closes Tuesday at 11 a.m.  with AT&T can text the Word VOTE to 3408 to cast their votes for Levy. The last two methods for voting can only be done within 60 minutes after the show is over.

My gut feeling for the season: Driver will be the first to be eliminated, while Jenkins will ultimately win the DWTS competition, amid a gushing flow of crocodile tears and a declaration of "Oh, I just can't believe it. Waaaaaah!" However, I think it's clear that William Levy's path to stardom has been paved, while Jenkins will slide back into obscurity... where she came from. Ole! *

Saturday, May 19, 2012

William Levy In 'DWTS' Final Three (As I Blissfully Work My Tale Off)

Oh, cool cats, there's so much I want to share with you... Do you realize I haven't even covered William Levy's triumphant, wickedly sensual victory on Dancing With The Stars this week, which has propelled him into the final three? And how about our Sexiest Man Alive being nominated for the Teen Choice Awards as "Choice TV Male Reality Star"? The show airs July 22. Truth be told, I have been wonderfully busy writing for my freelance career... My weekly duties as a reporter for covering radio industry news, blanketing the Brooklyn Heights blog with coverage of my neighborhood—and most urgently, working on a mad deadline for my temp gig as Editor of the guidebook for June's NYC New Music Seminar. The NMS editorial deadline was Friday, meaning that for the majority of this week my schedule has looked like this: 8a-1p: Radio-Info; 2-4p: BHB; and NMS until beddy bye, often until midnight all week. Being so busy is a blessing, for sure, but there's so much coverage I have piled up for the Nun... Stand by, beautiful minions. We'll get there. But your boy's got to eat. *

Sunday, May 13, 2012

William Levy Preps For Monday's Semi Finals on 'DWTS'

William Levy & partner Cheryl Burke are "rehearsing like crazy" for next week's round on Dancing With The Stars, according to a Tweet from the Smoking Nun's Sexiest Man Alive. Come Monday, May 14, they will perform the Tango and Samba.

Last week, the couple received their first perfect 30/30 score of the season. Levy is now, of course, in the final stretch as the final four inch closer to the mirror ball trophy, alongside athlete Donald Driver, generic TV personality Maria Menounos and Welsh Barbie doll Katherine Jenkins.

Buddy TV offers the following analysis of the finalists: Donald Driver: Donald has been one of the most solid performers of Dancing with the Stars Season 14. He has the strength and agility to dance just about anything, and he looks great doing it. On top of this, the guy has an obviously positive attitude that makes fans happy.

Maria Menounos: For all of the "comeback kid" adoration thrown at other competitors, Maria may be the true comeback story of the season. She started out as a so-so dancer and received lots of criticism in her first weeks. Then that criticism slowly gave way to praise. Scores climbed. And, in week 7, Maria and her partner Derek scored the first 30 of Dancing with the Stars season 14. Maria could very well win the whole thing, if she keeps going like this.

William Levy: One word: sex. Some people are just sexy, and William Levy is living proof of this. But sexy alone wouldn't be enough. Fortunately for him, William can also dance. He is rarely the best out there, but most of the performances have ranged from solid to exceptional. And did I mention that he's sexy?

Katherine Jenkins: The biggest "Who?" of Dancing with the Stars has earned her spot in the semi-finals the hard way: She is an incredible dancer. Helped by her easy partnership with Mark Ballas and her shy-but-friendly charm, Katherine has succeeded primarily by being the best dancer over the weeks. Even when she has a "bad" week, Katherine gets decent scores. But most of her weeks are good. And below, a lovely webbie collage from Will's latest commercial for Lay's Potato Chips. Crunch! *

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Pro dancer Val Chmerkovskiy Talks Levy, Predicts Driver Victory

Pro dancer Val Chmerkovskiy of ABC's "Dancing with the Stars"—who partnered with TV host Sherri Shepherd but was eliminated in the third week—is yakking to that he sees no "clear favorite" on Season 14 as the final four competitors—Green Bay Packers wide receiver Donald Driver, cry-baby Welsh opera singer Katherine Jenkins, generic TV personality Maria Menounos and Sexiest Man Alive William Levy—vie for the title.

"There are so many variables that you have no control over," said Chmerkovskiy, who was in New York on Wednesday for a very important reason: to promote Dr. Scholl's insoles. "You have the fan votes, you even had mood swings of the judges, so it's not so simple to pick a winner."

Chmerkovskiy added, "The one thing I thought was the William Levy craze would die down... but it never did."

However, he said he believes that Driver will be ultimate victor: "With the long history of athletes and he playing for a blue-collar team and from a blue-collar town, I think that attitude could carry him. Donald came in and had the right approach. He wasn't arrogant or cocky. And he has an incredible partner. He is the total package."

Did somebody say package? Oh, please! That would be Will's to own... To be honest, as long as Jenkins doesn't walk away with the crown, I'd rather have Driver in the winner's seat. *

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Oh, My, My, My... In My Wildest Dreams...

William Levy In VH1's 'Single Ladies': Meet Antonio The Stable Boy

As the world at large knows by now, Tuesday night on ABC's Dancing With The Stars, Roshon Fegan and Melissa Gilbert were (at last) shown the exit sign, leaving four semi finalists: Sexiest Man Alive  William Levy, generic talk show host Maria Menounos, beefy athlete Donald Driver and ever-annoying Welsh vocalist Katherine Jenkins vying for the ultimate prize.

Once again, Jenkins proved to be one fine actress by actually weeping on Tuesday's (endless) elimination show, when she was "miraculously saved" from the big boot. As if. It took me several minutes to get my eyes back in the front of my head after rolling clear to the back of my noggin. What a drama queen... though I must admit, I was not aware that Barbie dolls could cry.

Meanwhile, teasers are on the webbie for Levy's special appearance on VH1's Single Ladies, where he plays—no kidding—Antonio the stable boy. We've already seen that he's shirtless and it looks like Will is primed for a roll in the hay, vavoom! Ladies premieres May 28.

William Levy Featured In 'People En Español's' 50 Mas Bellos

Here's the photo we've been waiting for... Will's coverage in the June 2012 People en Español's "50 Mas Bellos." Ooh la la!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


At last the judges are showing some horse sense! Monday evening William Levy and Cheryl Burke scored a rare perfect 30/30 score with their elegant Fox Trot. Nemesis Katherine Jenkins, meanwhile, scored her lowest score of the season, with 26/30. On Tuesday night, two couples will get the boot, bringing the competition to four. It certainly looks like Will is safe! Say so long Melissa Gilbert and Maria Menounos! *

Monday, May 7, 2012

William Levy On 'DWTS': And Then There Were Six...

The competition is getting serious on ABC's "Dancing With the Stars," with six contestants left to vie for the Mirror Ball trophy. Monday night we shall see football player Donald Driver, Disney star Roshon Fegan, actress Melissa Gilbert, Welsh singer Katherine Jenkins, television presenter Maria Menounos and the Sexiest Man Alive William Levy sashay their way toward another week in the show's dreadfully deliberate plod toward victory.

Levy, of course, remains the audience favorite, but it's clear the judges have it out for our sexy man, continually giving him lower than deserved scores—despite ABC's obvious knowledge that audiences are tuning in just to see Will, by placing him near the end of the competition time after time. Last week, his perfecto performance of the Viennese Waltz was dissed by the judges with a 27/30 score. Hey, guys, bite me!

I think it's pretty clear that the judges are determined to award the trophy to histrionic cry baby Jenkins, who garners near perfect scores week after week. I suspect if she were to slip on a banana peel and crash into a chair, the trio of judges would applaud and say, "What a surprising, genius move, girl!"

Tonight, each couple will offer two dances, with Levy and partner Cheryl Burke first offering a Fox Trot. The second is deemed the "Trio Challenge," in which the six couples must pick a pro dancer who's not competing to perform alongside.

Levy and Burke will perform a "Paso Doble," whatever the hell that is. Tony Dovolani, who partnered tennis pro Martina Navratilova at the beginning of this season, is rumored to be their partner. Will tweeted that he'll be dressed up as his "favorite character." I'm hoping that would be Adonis, totally nude. In any case, watching him dance with another dude is certainly going to be the highlight of the night.

At this point, Roshon Fegan and Melissa Gilbert are clearly the underdogs. Time to go, sweethearts, so we can get down to the real goods: William Levy, that damn Katherine Jenkins and uber-macho Donald Driver. *