Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The World Can Turn Again: William Levy Shaves Head For Film Role

We've been in a near state of apoplexy since our beautiful William Levy shaved his beautiful head last week, seriously impacting his beautiful face. Well, we can all breathe again, the flowers can bloom and the world can resume spinning on its traditional axis: Levy is preparing for a movie role.

He's been talking about moving past his telenovela roles (including current Triunfo del Amor) for some time, and alluded to a role in which he is playing a boxer.  He will also begin filming the flick Mares de Dios (Sea of God) in November. 

“For my fans who don’t like the new look, no worries it will grow back soon,” Levy said in a Twitcam interview, making me blush, because I'm certain he was looking me directly in the eye. “I must confess that I love this new look because I no longer have to brush my hair or wash it.” He also whispered to me with a giggle, "People will take me more serious as an actor now that I’m bald.”

As for the ongoing rumors that he had an affair with Jennifer Lopez, whose music video "I'm Into You" he starred in, Levy says JLo was “very professional. Jennifer is an adorable girl." Then he winked. I blushed again.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Say It Isn't So! William Levy Shaves His Beautiful Head!

WTF?! Apparently reeling from all the rumors that he had anything to do with Jennifer Lopez's divorce from Marc Anthony, our beloved William Levy has shaved off his beautiful hair! Todo pelon! He appeared Thursday night in Miami as host of Los Premios Juventud, which honors Spanish-speaking celebs in film, TV, music and sports. Say it isn't so!

Monday, July 18, 2011

JLo & William Levy To Blame For Her Divorce? You Read It Here First!

Following the public announcement over the weekend that Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony are divorcing after seven years, The Smoking Nun wondered on Saturday if it might have something to do with her steamy video shoot with the Sexiest Man Alive William Levy for "I'm Into You."

Now, two days later, stories are oozing across the webbie hypothesizing the same. Just remember, cool cats: You read it here first

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony Split: Is William Levy To Blame?

After seven years of marriage, Jennifer Lopez, 41, and Marc Anthony, 42, have told People that they are heading for divorce court. Is it possible that JLo rubbing bodies with William Levy during the filming of her music video for "I'm Into You" under the incandescent sun of the Mexican Caribbean was too much for the Latina to take?

You've seen Lopez, People's "World's Most Beautiful Woman," and Levy, the Sexiest Man Alive, according to The Smoking Nun. There certainly couldn't be a more beautiful pair on god's green earth.

And isn't it ironic that William recently split with his wife, Elizabeth Gutierrez?

Monday, July 4, 2011

William Levy: A New Month, A New Pictorial For The Sexiest Man Alive

We've just turned the calendar to a new month, which, of course, means it's time to scour the webbie for fresh pics of The Smoking Nun's favorite man of all time, William Levy.

As his fame continues to mount via the popular telenovela Triunfo del Amor (Triumph of Love), and his high-profile appearance in Jennifer Lopez's video music "I'm Into You," Levy and Triunfo co-star Maite Perroni have been invited to host the 25th Hispanic Heritage Awards gala, Sept. 15 at the Kennedy Center in Washington. The awards honor Latino achievements in the arts, education, business, science and sports.

Levy is also ready to evolve past his roles in Spanish-language telenovelas, reportedly shopping for English-language movie roles in Hollywood. Personally, I don't care if he even talks: Just place him on the big screen, hand me a bag of popcorn and we're all sitting pretty.
 Levy in a new ad campaign for Dolce and Gabbana.