Friday, June 15, 2012

A Day At The Beach: William Levy's Latest Advert For Papas Sabritas

William Levy's series of Spanish-language commercials for Lays Potato Chips (a la Papas Sabritas) continue their forward-moving storyline, as our man heads to the beach—thankfully shirtless (although his turquoise bathing suit is way too conservative)... only to be followed by the chip-munching cop who continues to swipe Will's chips.

Cleverly, there's even a lil' dance move here, an obvious allusion to his recent star-making appearance on ABC's Dancing with the Stars. Quite a subtle vibe of eroticism here... but then again, we are talking about Willy, the Sexiest Man Alive. *

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

William Levy's 'Venue' Cover Shoot Redux

What the hell do you do when William Levy is the subject of your mag's cover shoot and every single pic is perfection? Every angle, each expression, every pose... Aha, you release the outtakes so that the world at large can swoon, sigh and partake in the beauty of the Sexiest Man Alive. Indeed. These shots by Kike San Martin from Will's 2011 spread for Venue are among his most alluring, bar none. Soak it in, cool cats. (Photos: William Levy World Italia) *

Monday, June 4, 2012

William Levy Is Back On TV: VH1's 'Single Ladies' TONIGHT!

The second episode of VH1's Singles Ladies Season 2 airs tonight—Monday, June 4 at 9 p.m.—with the debut of William Levy, following his absurd third-place finish on Dancing With the Stars to rigid, rhythm-less victor Donald Driver.

In "I Didn't Mean To Turn You On," new cast member Denise Vasi plays Will's love interest.  Huffington Post asked what it was like making out with him: "It was exactly everything that you imagine.

"I heard William was cast and obviously I knew who he was—I know now everyone in America knows who he is—but I knew who he was because I called my grandmother and my grandmother was like, “ay dios mio, William!” We knew him from the telenovelas."

She adds that his character Antonio was her character Raquel's first love and first sexual partner—she lost her virginity to him—"so there’s something really sweet about them reconnecting. But you know, the minute they do it's very sexy and hot." Ruff!

I tell you, no matter how bad this romantic comedy may be, there is simply no way it could be as dreadful to endure as DWTS. Thank god that's over and done. Moving on... Here's a preview of tonight's episode! *