Thursday, August 30, 2012

William Levy... I'm Into You, I'm Into You...

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Thursday, August 23, 2012


The Smoking Nun launched a sub-blog on March 26, 2012: William Levy Ultimate Fans, which we bill as the most comprehensive English-language William Levy fan site on the Internet. I am thrilled to announce that as of today... after less than five months... the webbie has surpassed the 50,000 mark in page views.

We launched the site as Will began his run of ABC's Dancing With the Stars, which propelled him to American fame via a People magazine cover. And look at our sexy hero now: He had a role in VH1's sensual Single Ladies and will make his Hollywood film debut in an upcoming role in a Tyler Perry flick, as well as musings that he would be the perfect male lead for the film version of William Grey.

For those of you reading on a daily basis here, thank you for your support! Make sure you check out The Smoking Nun here and join us on Networked Blogs (down the right column).

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

William Levy Scores Another Ad Campaign: HTC For AT&T

William Levy must be raking in the cash these days. Along with ad campaigns for Lays, Pepsi and M&Ms, now he's front and center in a commercial for HTC One X via AT&T. Hey, who's complaining? The more screen time from Will, the brighter the world we live in. *

Zzzz... Will Stays Dry In Miami

This is what we mean by a slow news month! Pics of William Levy in Miami... staying out of the rain. With a shirt on. Sorry, cool cats! I'm trying! *

Sunday, August 12, 2012

William Levy: Vital Statistics

Born: August 29, 1980 in Cojimar, Havana, Cuba

Boom Town (2013)
Single Ladies (2012)
Dancing with the Stars (2012)
Triunfo del amor (2010-11)
Mujeres asesinas 3 (2010)
Mujeres asesinas (2010)
Sortilegio (2009)
Cuidado con el ángel (2008-09)
Sesame Street Mexico (2008)
Acorralada (2007-08)
Pasión (2007)
Mi vida eres tú (2006)
Olvidarte jamás (2006)

Best Features: Smile, eyes, lips, abs, everything else!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

William Levy... We're Waiting... Oh So Slow News Month

I recently spent five days in Los Angeles and hung out at outdoor shopping mall The Grove... where William Levy has spent many an afternoon doing promotion and interviews. Sigh... despite trying my damndest to conjure his presence, Will never showed up. Curses! *